Upgrade your showerhead to a nanobubble showerhead. Super Nanobubble Tornada SW
Oily scalp even after a shower.Make-up remains and sebum buildup on your face.Dry hair and skin after a shower No need to replace with a new showerhead,No plumbing work or tools required,Very easy installation You can use your current showerhead.No regular maintenance or running costs required. Suitable showerheads,Can be installed on showerheads with thread size of G1/2. The patented core creates minuscule nanobubbles when water flows through it. Nanobubbles penetrate deep into pores, removing dirt. Generates 21.8 million per cc super nanobubbles with a median particle, diameter of 78.3 nanometers. Boosting Wasing Power,Skin hydration has increased.The heat lasts longer. Also effective for pet care and bathroom cleaning. Saves 15% more water than a standard showerhead. Raised over twelve million yen on a crowdfunding platform. User's voice FAQ Deep cleanse your hair and skin with Super nanobubbles! Super Nanobubble Tornada