Non-electric bidet toilet "kirei"

Non-electric water powered toilet seat 『Kirei』

What is Kirei?

Have you ever given up on a bidet toilet seat (what is called “Washlet”) just because you don’t have electric power supply in your bathroom?
“Kirei “ can solve the problem and make your dream come true!

Kirei is a non-electric water powered toilet seat which is produced by a SDGs certified company SUGIHAN Corporation.

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Powered by water pressure, Kirei can be used anywhere in the world not only in regions without electricity but even in disasters.

Furthermore, the compact package which can be carried onto the plane definitely making it perfect as a souvenir for your family and friends!


1. No batteries or electricity required

2. Only requires water supply system

3. Easy self installation (All hoses and connections are included)

4. Usable even in disasters as long as you have water supply

5. Compact enough to be carried onboard


・separate dual nozzles for front/rear cleansing

・Manually adjustable spray pressure

・Bubble washing

・Easy clean filter

・Soft close rid


Price: ¥13,750 (tax included)
comes with 1-year warranty
*Warranty is valid only in Japan.

*Although Kirei will fit most elongated toilets, it will NOT fit some uncommon types of toilets .

Before ordering, please make sure to measure your toilet.





NOTICE:We do not ship internationally.Warranty is valid only in Japan.

If you would like to see the actual product, please feel free to visit our office!
*Please enter the gallery entrance at the front.

Should you have any inquiries, please contact us.